Bel-ray Series

ImageBel-Ray yamaha | NSGD has finally come up with the series list! Thanks to our sponsors, a customized team notepad will be given to the winner of each A class. The following is the list of classes available:

450f / 250 A

450f / 250 B

450f / 250 C

250f / 125 A

250f / 125 B

250f / 125 C

There will also be a 50 race going on at every other race, and the winner of the 50 series will recieve 10 bonus points to their class! The following is the schedule for the races, along with the rules (this is all in CST)


Time Schedule

Monday at 7am : Sign ups open, and track is realeased

Friday at 5pm : Sign ups close

Friday at 6pm : 5 lap warm-up

Friday at 615 : 250 moto 1 (20 minutes & 2 laps)

10 minutes after ending of 250 moto 1 : 450 moto 1 (20 minutes & 2 laps)

10 minutes after ending of 450 moto 1 : 250 moto 2 (20 minutes & 2 laps)

10 minutes after ending of 250 moto 2 : 450 moto 2 (20 minutes & 2 laps)

5 minutes after ending of 450 moto 2 : 50 race (10 minutes & 1 lap) (if applicable)


No Punting or overly aggresive riding

Cutting the track is NOT permitted, and can get you banned from series

When being lapped, keep your line, and let the rider past

When lapping a rider, dont be over aggresive, and purposely take him out

Arrive at least 10 minutes before the starting of the race

No inappropriate chat, or targeting other players

Be respectful, keep trash talk to a minumum

Have good internet, you will be kicked if you cause lag

Bel-Ray | NSGD Motocross Series!!!

Bel-Ray | NSGD will officially be hosting our own series, with help from A squad rider Colton Bangs, I have picked out the tracks that will be used for the series!! Editing will be done to the tracks, but will only be timing gates, tuff blocks, and starting gates! If you are a rider on the team, and would be willing to help manage the server, please message me on skype! I am also looking for more tracks, as i plan to make this a 10 round series!

Team Update!!! February 15th, 2013

We have gotten the team off to a great start! already pulling in some results!  However, if you are on the team, please go to and take this quiz, and take it SERIOUSLY.   The team is getting ready for round 2 of the EMF amatuer series, and will be practicing on Monday morning as soon as the new track comes out. Trent Tatro and Joshua Feytons also raced at the Thursday night Moto Prep EMF races, and had a great time at 2012 millville!!

This is Trent, with your end of week report

~Trent Tatro